CRSM in the Fiestas Patrias Parade in Waukegan

CRSM in the Fiestas Patrias Parade in Waukegan On Sunday, September 15 at 12pm, The Fiestas Patrias Parade brought the sounds, culture, and the tastes of Mexico to downtown Waukegan. There were traditional open air markets, music and art exhibitions. Celebrating the 209th Anniversary of Mexico’s Independence, the parade marks the beginning of Hispanic Heritage month, a celebration of independence … Read More

Applications for Admission Continue to Increase

As Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep completes its first full year in its new facility on Belvidere Rd., applications for admission continue to soar. The school received its largest number of applicants since opening its doors 15 years ago. According to Noemi Cuesta, Director of Admissions, there are 237 applications in process, with 138 already completed and interviewed. “Our … Read More

A Big Day for Many CRSM Seniors

Twenty-five CRSM seniors traveled to the Chicago Scholars’ Onsite Admissions Forum in Chicago on October 23rd. Again this year, McCormick Place was packed with over 1,000 students from throughout the Chicago area interviewing with 185 selective enrollment colleges and universities. The CRSM seniors at the Onsite Admissions Forum represented both CRSM’s own Knight Scholars as well as CRSM student scholars with … Read More

What a growing number of applicants means for the Class of 2022

As Cristo Rey St. Martin’s impact continues to grow in Waukegan, the demand for young people seeking to be admitted to the freshman class continues to grow. This year there were 213 applications for the 108 openings for the incoming class in the fall of 2018, up from 166 last year, and the largest number of applicants since the school … Read More

Applied Excellence: Record Number of Applicants

As the number of Cristo Rey students and alumni continues to grow, and as the impact the school has made in the Waukegan area over the last 12 years increases, the demand for young people seeking to attend continues to ramp up. This year we have 166 applications for the 110 openings for the freshman class of 2017. That’s up … Read More

Good Reads: CRSM Launches Book Club

In an effort to promote reading for pleasure, as a way to unwind and have thought-provoking conversations with friends and classmates, Principal Mike Odiotti launched a book club, “Book Talk.” Each week at assembly, a student, teacher or staff member shares a book that has made an impact on them and shares with those gathered the recommendation. The hope is … Read More

Full House: Record-Setting Open House

On Nov.12, CRSM held the most successful Open House in the school’s 11-year history, when 375 visitors stopped by – not only prospective students but also their parents, brothers, sisters, cousins and neighbors, representing an estimated 150 families. The result: 106 applications filed already for 110 openings for the 2016 freshman class. “The number of applications submitted by this time of year … Read More

Admissions for 2015-16 On Track to Enroll 110 Students

The Admissions Office is on track to enroll 110 new students next year. So far, almost 200 applications have been submitted for the Feb. 26 deadline. Fifty-four students have completed applications, compared to 35 last year at this time,” said Noemi Cuesta, Director of Admissions. “The word about our school is certainly starting to spread throughout the Waukegan and North … Read More

Largest Open House for Incoming Freshman Candidates

On Nov. 13, we held our largest Open House in CRSM’s 10-year history. More than 375 Waukegan and North Chicago prospective students and their families toured the school and got the opportunity to experience what life in our school community is like. “This was the most successful open house we have had,” said Noemi Cuesta, Director of Admissions. One hundred … Read More

Portrait of a Graduate: Destiny Perez

“Is Destiny our intern today?” is the question several teams in the marketing department of Walgreen Co. ask regularly, according to Maureen McKee, executive administrator of the firm’s retail marketing department. “With the answer of yes, everyone smiled.” The “Destiny” she is referring to is a member of CRSM’s Class of 2014 graduation class. A stellar student who received multiple … Read More