Career Exploration Event Inspires Young Minds to Achieve Success

Forty local professionals from myriad fields ranging from accountants and engineers to a nurse practitioner and human resources recruiter, shared advice and insights on how students can pursue degrees that will take them to the next level in the pursuit of their career areas at a Career Exploration event held recently at CRSM.

“In addition to a phenomenal exposure and social capital building event for our students, this event also engaged our current business partners and potential future job sponsors in a deep and meaningful way,” said Mike Odiotti, Principal. “This event topped what most college career exploration programs offer. It is great that our students get to build great experiences such as these because of the incredible work of our staff.”

The impactful professional development and networking event was held after school on April 25 for sophomores and a select number of juniors.

Speakers included Kate Kneist, a nursing consultant at CRSM, and Dr. Bob Hartman, also a CRSM volunteer, who shared their insights on pursuing a career in health care.

“Our students’ professionalism and questions really made an impression,” said Michelle Mehlis, director of the Corporate Work Study Program. The program gave students the opportunity to begin thinking about the college majors they need to pursue and also to receive answers to all the questions they might have about professions they aspire to, she added.

Professionals sharing their insights included: app developers, business analysts, dentist, nurse practitioner, physical therapist, biomedical engineer, environmental scientist, human resources recruiter, lawyer, law enforcement professional, teacher, principal, sales professional, graphic designer, interior designer, advertising art director, public relations professional, mechanical engineer, non-profit fundraiser, psychologist and supply chain purchaser.