Career Day: Business Pros Open Up New Horizons for Students

Students React to Their Career Day Experience

“I found that all the careers, whether you are in engineering or supply chain, have something in common…communication skills are crucial.”

“I was thinking about marketing prior to Career Exploration. Now I can definitely say, because of the Career Exploration Event, I’m certain it’s the path I want to take.”

“Before the Career Exploration, I thought that a career in art was limited. After speaking with professionals, I realized that art careers are found everywhere. I have loved art since I was little, but I didn’t know where to go with it. Now I have a clear idea.”

“I learned that curiosity is powerful, it leads you to try new things that you may like or even love.”

“I always thought information and technology was sitting at a desk and just programming. I learned that programming is a team of people working together.”


If you know of any companies that could benefit from our corporate work study program, please contact Brian Weinberg at: 224-219-9724