Campus Ministry Continues to Fight the Effects of the Pandemic


Campus Ministry has fostered a massive response of volunteers to work hand in hand with Northern Illinois Food Bank, helping to alleviate the effects of the pandemic. Since the end of January, CRSM has been hosting mobile food pantries; each event is providing much needed groceries for 1,000 families. Because of anticipated ongoing need, CRSM and NIFB are planning to continue the food events through the spring, over the summer, and into the fall. Speaking about the efforts of CRSM & NIFB, Jim Dippold, Director of Campus Ministry commented,

“We have had a wonderful abundance of students coming out to help.  Almost  50% of our students have already done some kind of volunteering this year. The vast majority of the food pantry volunteers are CRSM students, family members and friends. We also have students from Waukegan High School and 8th graders from Most Blessed Trinity School. The students are great packers and have done amazing work with intake at each car. Being there for others through difficult times and creating a place in the community to help fill the gaps is what we are about as a Catholic school.”