Birthday Number Two – in Our New Home

caption: leaving our old school

a note that went to students from Jim Dippold, Director of Campus Ministry:
As we get ready to start construction on Phase II of our new building, we can celebrate a happy second birthday in our new home. We moved into the campus on February 13, 2018.

Our old home at 515 MLK served us well from 2006 to 2018.  (You can ask Ms. Alonso about our first building from 2004-2006 if you want to hear some really old stories). 515 was supposed to be a “temporary” move until we had a new home, but we were in our grandmother, as the building was affectionately known, for thirteen years.  While the campus was old, and in some ways pretty run down, we learned a lot of lessons that have stuck with us and helped to make us who we are today.
  • hard work & a sense of community  – many hands made light work when we had projects together (think assembly set up and tear down every week)
  • creativity & flexibility – we needed to do more with less (think of small classrooms and the cafechapegymatorium)
  • grit & perseverance – uncomfortable situations helped us to grow stronger (think of no AC and heat that didn’t always work)
  • at our best, we are a family – we built up a school that is about the relationships on the inside of the building, not the brick walls that hold up the outside
So here’s to our grandma!  And to the good community that is CRSM.
Here’s a look back if you want to watch our send off video from 2018.  Some old faces and some still with us – you might recognize a few.