Applications for Admission Continue to Increase

As Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep completes its first full year in its new facility on Belvidere Rd., applications for admission continue to soar. The school received its largest number of applicants since opening its doors 15 years ago.

According to Noemi Cuesta, Director of Admissions, there are 237 applications in process, with 138 already completed and interviewed. “Our first mailing of acceptance letters will go out December 8th. There will be one more admissions workshop on December 13 from 5pm – 6:30pm, and we will send out the remaining acceptance letters in January.” Ms. Cuesta said.  “The total class size for the Class of 2023 will be 108.”

Preston Kendall, CRSM’s president, was asked about the rising admission applications and the school’s plan to increase enrollment. “Now that we are in our new campus, the biggest limiting factor to adding more students is business partners. Our Corporate Work Study Program is a key economic engine for the school. We cannot grow enrollment without adding new business partners for this program.”

Cristo Rey St. Martin’s notoriety has steadily grown as a needs-based scholarship program school with a required work-study program for all students. The net cost to attend CRSM varies according to each family’s income. The school’s mission is to offer an affordable, college prep education to students who otherwise would be unable to afford this level of education. The school serves students whose families’ per capita annual income is 75 percent or less than the national median.

Regarding the reasons for the increase in applications Ms. Cuesta said, “The single most important factor was our presence at community events. We attended over fifteen events this past summer. Viridiana Fajardo (Admissions Coordinator and a CRSM alumna) and our student ambassadors have done a great job getting the word out that a private, college prep education is now available to families with limited resources.”

Ms. Cuesta added that applications will continue to be accepted through the final workshop on December 13th.