Alumni Support: A little fear and stress in their voices – but mostly grit

We have had multiple calls with college age alumni to review and refine resumes and prepare for interviews.  While the outlook for some internship and job opportunities for the summer are uncertain, it is critical to keep applying! We continue to work with area employers to understand their hiring needs.

As a team, we are checking in with alumni to understand how the current situation is affecting them and their families and we continuously review and approve applications for assistance from the emergency fund.  We are also connecting with outside organizations to learn about other resources in the community.

My sense is that many of our alumni are settling into online learning and keeping up with their schoolwork.  Most are more concerned about the loss of on-campus and work-study jobs as well as lost income at other employers.  The situation is evolving as colleges determine whether they can pay work-study students.

While we do hear fear and stress in their voices, we also sense the grit that comes from the foundation they built at CRSM.  We continuously remind them that this is not a permanent situation and their bright futures are not at all diminished by this economy.  We are in this together.

Stay healthy and contact us anytime at the below numbers.

Mary Ann Hocter
Melissa Chavez
Alumni Support