Alumna Appreciates the Science of Hard Work

Carly May has a personalized approach to success: work “really” hard! It’s an ethic the CRSM Class of 2011 alumna says she acquired in high school at Cristo Rey St. Martin and one she attributes to her college and graduate school success.

Last May, she graduated with a Masters in Information Science from DePaul University and currently is a Business Technology Solutions Packaging Analyst at AbbVie. Recently, she returned to CRSM as part of the technology team from AbbVie to encourage students to consider careers in technology.

“I learned to work really hard at CRSM and that hard work got me far,” says May, who received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Systems from Loyola University, where she attended college with a full scholarship. “I couldn’t have afforded to go to college without the full ride and I was able to afford graduate school because of that. I am where I am now because I worked hard using my skills from CRSM. I learned hard work gets you far in life.”

As a CRSM student, May was very active in the environmental club, a social justice group, campus ministry, choir and the National Honor Society. In college, she worked at Byline bank and the American Association of Diabetes Educators.

“I can see myself doing a lot of different things ahead,” she says. “My education in information systems lends itself to a lot of different paths, but my main focus is making a difference in people’s lives. Right now, I really like that I can bring my whole self to work. I can ask questions, be open about my differences without fear or discrimination and develop my career on my own terms.”

Her advice for CRSM students:

“Surround yourself with people who care for you for the right reasons. It’s easy to get lost in the wrong friend groups or cultivate poorly-balanced mentorships in high school and beyond. The best people are there to support you in your success because they care about you and you support them in the same way.”