Alumna on a mission to be a person for others

Days after finishing her freshman year in college, Abbey Guadarrama found herself in a cubicle in the Corporate Work Study office at Cristo Rey’s new home. The Class of 2017 alumna is on a mission to be a person for others, she says. That is exactly what she did this summer. As the work study program’s intern she spent her college summer break helping incoming freshman learn the do’s and don’ts of life in the professional workplace.

Entering her sophomore year at Marian University in Fond du Lac, WI, Abbey is changing her major to Business Administration from nursing. She’s motivated from her experience helping CRSM students understand the difference they can make in the world through the workplace. She says she plans to adopt the CWSP program’s new rubric, emphasizing communication, ownership and work productivity, because she’s learned that these are the keys to success at work, school and life.

The youngest of three, Abbey is the first in her family to pursue a bachelor’s degree in college. During high school, she worked at Omnicell, a leading provider of medication and supply management technology.

“My experience there helped me view the cycle of patient care and how every time I processed an order there was a patient behind it possibly battling their life,” she says. “So it made me know that if I did my work correctly, the patient would be healthy.”

It is this connection between business and service that she hopes to bridge in her studies and eventually in a career.

She recently shared her experience as a freshman in college and an intern at CRSM with the student body during the first assembly of the 2018-19 school year.

Abbey says her experience this summer taught her a lot, not just about the workplace, but herself.

“I’ve always thought about how I like the office environment and to be able to socialize with more people each day,” she says.

In 10 years she sees herself working, possibly having a family and traveling.

Her advice to CRSM students, “View college and high school as you would view your future, because here is where you will have to work hard for it. Take every little opportunity that CRSM/CWSP provides for you seriously. No matter how little it is, it will help you in the long run in many ways.”