June President’s Pen: If not us, who?  If not now, when?

IF NOT US, WHO?  IF NOT NOW, WHEN? Variations of these words are attributed to numerous people over time going back all the way to Hillel the Elder.  Hillel is a significant figure in Judaism and one of the most famous sages of the Talmud.  Rabbinical scholars believe that Jesus of Nazareth was likely familiar with some of his teachings.  … Read More

CRSM…by the Numbers

16 years of developing young men and women of faith, purpose and service 3,000+ student workers employed since 2004 50% of Cristo Rey St. Martin college grads return to the community and work at a business partner company 100% of the Class of 2020 accepted to a 4 year college 92% of the senior class that started as freshmen, graduated. Highest … Read More

The Origami Art of Eric C. CRSM ’23

Eric is a rising sophomore. His interest in Origami began when, as a six year old, he folded his first Origami crane. He has since completed many pieces of varying complexity with subjects ranging from penguins to Pokemon characters. Eric submitted his piece titled, “Swan” to the April student art show (CristoArt2020) which unfortunately was cancelled due to the pandemic. … Read More

Invest in Kids Tax Credit Scholarships Quadruple the Impact for CRSM

The above graphic says it all. The COVID 19 pandemic has created even greater economic challenges for CRSM and our families. Before the pandemic, the average CRSM family income was under $40,000, and we estimate over 40% of CRSM families have lost one or both incomes since March. The uncertainty of business partners’ return to work plans has increased the … Read More

On-Campus Summer School In Session: from the desk of Principal Odiotti

On June 15th, CRSM began its academic summer programs. Summer school classes begin at 7:30am and end at 1:00pm. Teachers Michael Appel, Jacob Larson, Kumkum Bonnerjee, Elizabeth Partenach and Darline Gonzalez are running the Summer Bridge and Enrichment Programs for incoming freshmen and sophomores – testing schedules and combinations of in-person and remote synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities.  Their experience … Read More

Corporate Work Study Honors Its Business Partners

On June 10th, the Corporate Work Study Program held its annual Business Partner Appreciation Event.  The event was recorded live and presented to CRSM’s business partners at a private virtual gathering. CWSP Staff presented The Five, Ten and Fifteen Year Partnership Awards to companies in recognition of their continued support through the years. FIVE YEAR AWARD CVS Health North Shore … Read More

Social Justice & the CRSM Community: Working for Others

CRSM, along with Most Blessed Trinity Academy, continues to distribute Breakfasts and Lunches on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Big Shoulders’ cooperative meal program with La Fondita (the Jimenez family), Taqueria Campeña (the Cambray family), Antojitos Guerrero (the Otero & Retana families) and Potestas (the Gonzalez/Alonso family) was a major success, putting hundreds of amazing meals on family tables. In a … Read More

“A Long and Winding Road”: An Interview with Rogerr Oliva    

I talked with Rogerr (CRSM ’13  NIU ’19) from his office at home in Gurnee, IL. His journey to graduation from Northern Illinois University involved enough twists, turns and detours to discourage any driver. But Rogerr (yes, two Rs) is not like most. His gracious and unassuming attitude comes through immediately, as does his intellect. The course of his academic … Read More

President Kendall on the Recent Unrest

Tamir Rice, Walter Scott, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Trevon Harris, Laquon McDonald, Botham Jean, Sandra Bland, and now George Floyd…Who is next?  How can we continue to hear and see stories like theirs and not expect tempers to erupt?  If any of these people were your loved one, wouldn’t you demand justice? What if you didn’t … Read More

May President’s Pen: How are things going with Cristo Rey St. Martin?

“How are things going with Cristo Rey St. Martin?”  In these pandemic times that seemingly simple question is really quite complex.  A whole lot is going on right now, some of it heartbreaking, but much of it inspiring and hopeful.  Let’s start with our families.  About 1/3 of our parents lost their jobs in the first couple weeks of lockdown.  … Read More