The Cristo Rey Network provides a quality, Catholic, college preparatory education to young people who live in urban communities with limited educational options. Its goal is clear – college success for Cristo Rey Network students. Member schools utilize a rigorous academic model, supported with effective instruction, to prepare students with a broad range of academic abilities for college. Cristo Rey Network schools employ an innovative education model, the Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP), which provides students with real world work experiences. In the CWSP each student works five full days a month to fund the majority of his or her education, gain job experience, grow in self-confidence, and realize the relevance of his or her education. Cristo Rey students work at law firms, banks, hospitals, universities, and numerous other professional CWSP business partners. To learn more about Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep’s CWSP please contact Brian Weinberg.

As a member of the Cristo Rey Network, we are a school that:

  1. Is explicitly Catholic in mission and enjoys Church approval.
  2. Serves only economically disadvantaged students. Our school is open to
    students of various faiths and cultures.
  3. Is family centered and plays an active role in our local community.
  4. Prepares all of our students to enter and graduate from college.
  5. Requires participation by all students in the work-study program. All students
    must be 14 years by September 1st.
  6. Integrates the learning present in its work program, classroom and extracurricular
    experiences for the fullest benefit of its student workers.
  7. Has an effective administrative and board structure as well as complies with all
    applicable state and federal laws.
  8. Is financially sound and at full enrollment the school is primarily dependent on
    revenue from the work-study program to meet operating expenses. In addition,
    the school maintains a comprehensive advancement program to ensure financial
  9. Supports its graduates’ efforts to obtain a college degree.
  10. Is an active participant in the collaboration, support, and development of the
    Cristo Rey Network.